About Us


Lauro Napoli was founded in Napoli, Italy on the 5th of May 2001 by Carmine Lauro. His mission was to offer his clients a high quality product that’s 100% Made in Italy at an affordable price point by sourcing merchandise direct from artisanal Italian manufacturers. Which means he designs, oversees production, and logistics but never undermines the quality which is of the utmost importance for all of his collections. Through the years the Company has grown and has been on the market for over 20 years. Today Mr. Lauro can successfully say he has cemented his designs in the North American market.


We oversee all of the production for our merchandise. We carefully choose all of the textiles for Quality and Fit and make sure every piece is unique in design and is of the utmost quality. 


Made in Italy is unique, and the people who produce it are unique. As Italians, there is a history behind each manufacturing of every clothing item, matched with a superb style. We advocate and stand proud to support the Italian economy and craftmanship. All of our products are expertly hand sewn, and our packaging is also just as creative in design. 


All of our shirts have a soft collar composition making them comfortable to wear and our fit is what distinguishes us from the rest. Our hand sewn ties with all natural internal components that allows the textile to breath so that when the knot is undone it goes back to its natural state. The hand rolled & sewn borders on our pocket squares, and our beautiful leather belt selections that are of an outstanding quality with no PVC filling but natural components between the leather. 


We only make 24 or less pieces of each shirt style and once that style is sold out we do not reproduce the same one, making all of our pieces unique and special to each customer.


Buying a Lauro product means you are buying a quality product. It is a testament to the hands of the great Italian artisans that produce them. Understanding our standards and quality is a key factor for us, and we pride ourselves in offering you only the best for your purchases.